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*Ambushers - Dean Martin blows laughing gas into the faces of his firing squad.

Another You - Gene Wilder movie where Laughing Gas is knocked over in a dental office with Wilder, Richard Pryer, Gene's girlfriend, the dentist and his female assistant.

Batman (1989) - female newscaster gets joker venom used on her.

Biodome - Pauly Shore movie where a couple of slackers stuck in an artificial habitat dome get into the scientists' nitrous oxide supply.

Black Sheep - two guys have laughing gas leak in the back of their stolen squad car.

Blue Velvet - Dennis Hopper is a hitman who gets off on gassing huffing laughing gas

Bottle Rocket - a group of guys hold up a bank with laughing gas. No actual scene.

Cannon Ball Run - Farrah Fawcett gets gassed in an ambulance and she talks about it in a later scene.

Carry On Doctor - Mental Patients gas themselves and a Doctor they are preparing for surgery.

Casino Royale - 007 parody where laughing gas floods the casino at the end of the movie.

*Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke - A strung-out blonde can't keep a straight face after snorting Ajax.

Compromising Positions - A woman talks to Susan Sarandon about her laughing gas experience.

The Dentist - A homicidal Dentist uses gas on his patients before he kills them.

Diabolique - British spy movie where a news conference is gassed.

Ella Enchanted - staring Anne Hathaway from "The Princess Diaries".  A fairy tale movie about a girl named Ella who is given the gift/curse of commands: whenever she hears a command, she can't help but obey it. In one scene someone tells her "one just has to grin and  bear it". Ella immediately grins and starts giggling.

Final Destination 2 - some kid gets exposed to nitrous oxide.

Georgy Girl (1966) - Georgi's sister is pregnant and goes to the hospital and starts on the gas. The first scene shows her taking deep breaths from the tank as the nurse warns her not to start taking the gas so early in the labor, the scene ends with her dropping the mask and giggling. The movie returns to the sister as she is being led to the delivery room, she is in a combination of laughter and pain.

Going Ape - Tony Danza movie where Laughing gas is put into room with Tony and a girl.

*Green for Danger (1946) - detective story set in a hospital, concerning a murder committed using an anesthetic machine.

Houseful - Bollywood film where laughing gas is released in a gala party for the Queen of England.

Inspector Gadget 2 - Doctor Claw uses a laughing gas bomb on wealthy patrons.

Is This Trip Really Necessary? In this 1968 exploitation comedy, a little blonde go-go bikini dancer (Carol Kane in her first role) gets shock treatments and laughing gas from a crazy doctor played by John Carradine.

Laughing Gas - Old Charlie Chaplin movie.

The Lawnmower Man - a guy uses a vitual device to have sexwith his hot female neighbor. She loses her mind and is left giggling on her bed.

Lethal Weapon 4 - Riggs, Murtaugh and Chris Rock's character get gassed in a dentist's office.

Little Shop of Horrors - Steve Martin as a dentist who gasses himself during dental procedures.

The Naked Truth - Laughing Gas canister opened up in a plane of South American soldiers, two men and an FBI woman.

Night of the Comet - Two evil female doctors, in a post apocalyptic lab, are tied to gurnies, gassed and laughing hysterically.

*Novocain  - the dentist, played by Steve Martin, uses gas while treating two male patients.

Pale Face  - Bob hope and Jane Russell western. Bob hope gasses a bandit and an Indian gasses himself in a later scene.

Paramedics - Girl accidentally inhales laughing gas while waiting in an ambulance

Party Plane - a plane with a female stripper, entertaining passengers, has laughing gas released. Two girls and a bunch of guys laugh.

Policewoman in New York - Edwige Fenech is gassed in a restaurant, she laughs frantically before falling off and being carried away in a car. The same happens to the other people in the hall.

Problem Child 3 - While at the Dentist, The Nurse tests the gas on herself and later,  Jr releases laughing gas on the Nurse and Doctor.

Return of the Pink Panther - Sellers as a dentist gasses himself and his patient/boss with a portable laughing gas tank.

*Riot on Sunset Strip - a young brunette is  stoned on pot, and  can't stop laughing.  This happens several times during the movie.

Scavenger Hunt - Laughing Gas tank breaks open in Van with two guys and two girls...then a cop gets gassed after stopping them.

Sorceress (1983) - Sword and sworcery movie where two twin female warriors and three male friends are rendered giggly with laughing gas like pods.

*This Sporting Life (1963) - based on a series of flash-backs dreamt by an anaesthetized (rugby league) football player

Strange Wilderness - 2008 wildlife parody movie. Several guys and a hot girl are in a camper with a stolen tank of laughing gas that springs a leak.

Tank Girl - Two girls, Tank Girl and Jet Girl, in a futuristic comic book movie, are given laughing gas as a truth serum.

*Unknown Title - Dean Martin movie where a woman laughs while she is gassed by a dentist telling jokes.

*Unknown Title - In this feature, a stuck-up University Professor goes uncover in a comedy club to find out what is changing the minds of the students.  While there her fruit juice is spiked and she become helpless to resist laughing at the comedy routine despite her trying to stay composed and undercover.

Up the Creek - Laughing Gas grenade explodes with a bunch of guys during a "war" game. A girl finds a canister and read "laughing gas" out loud.

Wacko - Horror spoof where George Kennedy and Stella Stevens gas themselves.

Whiffs - Elliot Gould movie where a couple uses laughing gas to get horny....later...Elliot uses the gas to rob a bank gassing a male teller.

Wild World of Batwoman - 60's B-movie where laughing gas is used to steal a bomb



*Cafe American - "Boughs Of Holly" In this sitcom Holly, played by Valerie Bertinelli, goes to her boyfriends family winery for the holidays. While there she is told by his old flame to inhale the wine vats fumes deeply even though they are making her quite giddy and dizzy. The end result, as she breaths deeper and deeper, she becomes tanked Latter at the family party, she is all weaving smiles and slurring out of control giggles without touching a drop of wine.

Little Rascals "Wedding Worries" - gang sest laughing gas tank off in a wedding.

The Flash (1990) - Trixster sets off Laughing Gas bomb in a courtroom.

Lois and Clark - episode with the Prankster, Lois walks into room full of laughing gas.

Laverne and Shirley - They open up the tank of laughing gas in dental office.

Saturday Night Live - Microdentist skit parody of Fantastic Voyage, two men and a woman are in a patients mouth and get high on laughing gas.

Batman - 1960's TV series, laughing gas is pumped into museum, by the Riddler.

Batman- 1960's TV series, a laughing gas egg is thrown at Batman and Robin by the criminal Egghead, played by Vincent Price.

*Pizza Hut Ad - Women in dentist chair with goofy smile

*Hill Street Blues - Dentist with foot fetish puts women out with laughing gas. Gas is used on an undercover female cop.

Avengers - Steed and Mrs.Peel knock over a laughing gas tabk in dentist office.

The A Team - They need to steal laughing gas from adentist. A nurse uses the gas on Murdock.

*I Love Lucy - Lucy goes to dentist and plays with the gas

*Carol Burnet Show - Goofy cleaning lady plays with gas

Doctor in Clover - Laughing gas set off in a party full of doctors, nurses and guests.

Deadly Games - episode guest starring Jerry Stiller about a dentist that uses laughing gas for murder.

*Square One TV - TV show from 1980's, an episode where a bank robber uses a laughing gas bomb.

Lost Saucer - Sid & Marty Crofts Saturday morning live action show with Ruth Buzzi and Jim Nabors as Androids with two teens lost in space. They land on planet where laughing gas is pumped into the city.

Perfect Strangers - The two guys get into the gas tank in the dental office.

*Pretender - Episode "Bazooka" where Jarrod puts sailor in room then fills it with laughing gas to get truth out of him

*Stingray -  Old Sci-Fi TV show with marrionettes. Episode "the Ghost Ship". scene where oxygen tanks are filled with laughing gas.

Prisoners of Cell Block H - Episode 656 two female guards accidentally get high on laughing gas.

HR Puff n Stuff - Episode "The Birthday", at Jimmy's party the witch releases laughing gas into the crowd to get the flute.

Bill Dana Show - Dana plays a dentist and pulls the hose off the laughing gas tank and gasses himself, two guys and a female nurse.

Bill Dana Show - Dana releases gas into a hotel.

Small Wonder - TV show about a robot girl living with a family. In an episode titled "Gas!", the robot farts laughing gas.

Quantum Leap - Scott Bakula and a girl are adjusting a nitrous tank in a car he is going to race. The gas escapes and gets them both giggly.

*Marblehead Manor - Goofy Butler releases laughing gas during a party.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - TV spin off from the movie. Episode where a home computer/security system gasses the hot mom.

Bewitched - A spell/cure is put on Samantha that makes her laugh when the wind blows.

Ark II - A girl and boy in a post apocalyptic world neutralize some poison gas in an episode and get nitrous oxide. The girl gets a little gas.

Ellen - Ellen goes to dentist and gets gassed

Fresh Prince of Bel Aire - Wil, his buddy and William Shatner get gassed at the dentist.

Day the Universe Changed - documentary on the Learning channel where 4 men and three woman get giggly on ether.

Friday the 13th the Series - a juvenile detention dentist gasses a three different patients before absorbing thier energy

*Duet - Fox Tv show from the late 80's where Alison Laplaca goes to the dentist and gets gassed....very quick..no laughter.

Three Stooges - Stooges drop a laughing gas bomb on themselves during a World War II parody.

Sledge Hammer - Psychopathic Female cop gets off on gassing herself.

*Chips - Eric Estrada's character inhales l.gas at an accident an slowly becomes goofy throughout the episode.

Superboy - Lana Lang gets captured by someone who uses a stone on her that gives her the giggles.

*New Twilight Zone - A dentist uses gas on himself in "Tooth Fairy"

New Twilight Zone - A women gets her sense of humor back by inhaling a strange gas in "Mr. Wong's Emporium"

Diagnosis Murder - Dyan Canon gasses her husband to death and later gasses Dick Van Dyck's detective character who is rescued by his secretary and a man....who start laughing too.

Trauma Center - bank robbers or some type take hostages in a hospital , one had been shot and they went to the Trauma Center for help and took the nurse and 2 doctors hostage and tried to force the helicopter pilot to fly them out of state that was when they used the N2O as oxygen and gassed everyone. the scene lasts between 5-10 minutes.

Spanish TV Show - Host or Guest mesmos several female audience members into laughing hysterically.

Mesmovideo where a hot girl in instructed she is being tickled.

*Ridiculous Moments - a guy was body-plastered by a cute girl and wound up trapped and helpless to the point where they had to saw off the cast at the hospital. While the doctors and nurses were trying to get him out of the cast, they give him laughing gas with a mask over his face.

*Lance Link - Secret Chimp a scene where the good agent monkeys were fighting the bad agent monkeys in a hospital, and they knock over a tank of laughing gas

The Wild, Wild, West - "The Night of the steel Assassin" A girl gets mesmoed into being non serious and laughs hysterically.

*Barney Miller - A policewoman comes back from the dentist still under the influence of laughing gas in episode #113 "the Dentist".

*F-Troop  - Episode where a dentist visits. As he is working on one guy two others come in to talk to him a remove the mask without turning off the gas.

*Unknown Title - short lived comedy starring Bill Maher of "Real Time ". He and a friend are strapped down in a dentist chair and gassed.

*Sister Sister - Tim Reid's wife on the show, Lisa, chips a tooth. At the dentist's office she gets to much gas and acts goofy during the rest of the show. No actual laughing.

*Our Gang - the rascals release laughing gas on a crowd to make them laugh during a show they are putting on.

Time Trax - in one episode two men and two women on a plane get giggly and drunk from low oxygen levels. 

The Worst Witch - in one episode, a classroom of student witches are told to make a laughing potion and then to sample it.

*All My Children - soap opera episode from April 27, 2001  where Leslie releases laughing gas into the room after obtaining a supply of oxygen for herself.

Black Scorpion - Scifi channel super heroine series - villain uses laughing gas in the episode "An Officer and a Prankster".

Charmed - episode where Shannon Doherty's character feels what others are feeling. She goes to the dentist with a toothache and a woman being gassed in the next room makes her laugh.

Cybill - season 4/episode 23 "Cybill in the Morning" - Julie tries to sabotage Cybill's show. Among her antics, she switches a scuba tank Cybill demonstrates with laughing gas.

*Shooting Stars - sketch comedy show starring Euro model Ulrika Jonsson...possible laughing gas scene in a special she did.

Sliders - scifi tv series episode #55 "Just Say Yes" - The sliders land on an Earth where drugs are not only legal but required. The entire population is kept stoned and happy by the government. The Sliders including sexy Kari Wuher gets stoned and giggly.

She Spies - a Charlie's Angels style TV series with Natasha Henstrige and two other sexy women. In an episode titled "Iceman" the three beauties get into a fight with a female assassin in a dentist's office and accidentally release laughing gas.

*Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood -  In one episode, Lady Aberlaine gets a "laughing box" and when she opens it, anyone who hears its laughing sound can't help but to join in.

*Fraggle Rock -   In an episode,  the Fraggles  could not help but break down into unstoppable laughter when they hear "funniest joke ever told".  One of the fraggles feels left out of his group, so he was determined to win popularity with a magic joke.  Anyone who hears it couldn't help but laugh forever.

*Laugh-In -  Ruth Buzzi is sitting on a piano and starts giggling after taking a sip of something from a wine glass.

*The Golden Girls - in an episode entitled "Feelings" Rose is given laughing gas at the dentist.

*Coach - in  one episode a dentist gasses coach's wife to keep her out while Coach take her to his office to remove a stuck ring.

Newlyweds - Popstar Jessica Simpson makes a visit to the dentist during an episode of "Newlyweds". She gets a little high from giggle gas. No laughing. 

Battlestar Galactica (2003) - During the episode "Flight of the Phoenix, a cylon virus invades the Galactica, wreaking havok on it's systems. In one scene, Apollo and Starbuck are in the target range when the oxygen levels decrease and they go into anoxia. Starbuck starts giggling and then laughing uncontrollably.

*The Simpsons - episode "Tree House of Horror III", Smithers knocks out King Homer with laughing gas.

All My Children - During two January 2006 episodes of the soap opera, two guys and three women are kidnapped and held captive in the back of a truck pumped full of laughing gas.

Masters of Horror - "Right to Die" episode. A mistress/female dental assistant is gassed by her unfaithful lover.

Desperate Housewives - In an episode of the series, Terri Hatcher's character has been medicated before surgery and she is giggling and silly.

Nip Tuck - Season 5, episode 22, a psychotic female dentist uses laughing gas during sex with two different characters.



Mon Colle Knights - the evil Prince Eccentro uses a wishing mirror to make an elf-girl laugh continuously.

She-Ra - "The Stone in the Sword" She-ra(in secret identity) and two other inhale giggleberry pollen. At the end the villian inhales it and laughs.

*Itsy Bitsy Spider Series - Girl, nurse, spider and boy get gas in an accident at the dentist

GI Joe - "Twenty Questions" episode - Tanks of laughing gas are exploded in a cave causing Covergirl and the Baroness to laugh along with the men.

*GI Joe  - Joe member Spirit is in a cell and Cobra's ninja releases laughing gas into the cell.

Hong Kong Fooey - A criminal called the giggler uses laughing gas on victims

Star Trek TAS - episode "Practical Joker", the Enterprise computer malfunctions and fills the ship with laughing gas.

*Jinx - the character fills a mouse hole with laughing gas.

Batman TAS - The Joker floods Gotham with laughing gas.

*Batman TAS - "Almost Got Em" episode - The Joker uses laughing gas on an audience.

Batman TAS - "Beware the Creeper"  The Joker gasses a news crew with laughing gas filled rubber chickens.  A female news crew member laughs hysterically.

*Batman TAS - The lovely Poison Ivy gets gassed by the Joker and has a total laughing fit for a few seconds. She then reveals that toxins don't work on her.

*The New Adventures of Batman (1970's) - episode "Readin, Ritin, Robbin" where Batmite brings flowers with a laughing gas canister into police headquarters.

*The New Adventures of Batman (1970's) - episode "He Who Laughs Last" where the Joker, disguised as Batman, releases laughing gas in an opera house. Quick scene. We only see Commissioner Gorden laughing.

*Batman/Superman Worlds Finest (1997) - Joker gasses two different men.

Spiderman (1960's) - episode: "The Devious Dr. Dumpty" - A costume Party gets gassed.

Spiderman (1960's) - episode: "Scourge of the Scarf" - Art exhibition gets gassed.

Snorks - Laughing gas like substance in the water overcomes the Snorks.

*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - An eccentric Millionaire industrialist who invents exotic gases, he uses laughing gas on the turtles.

*Kidd Video - A Dungeon and Dragons like show (which has live action characters talking at the end and i believe playing rock music) where a group of guys and a girl are stuck and in the episode some kind of laughing disease goes around.

*Thundercats - episode "Helpless Laughter" - two male TCats fall in a lake that makes them laugh.

*Thundercats - episode where the Thunderkittens use laughing gas bombs on the mutants to escape.

Betty Boop - Betty as a nurse who releases laughing gas on the city.

*Simpsons - lisa goes to the dentist and is gassed, then the gas leaks for a few seconds and the whole family laughs.

Beetle Juice - Beetle's funny bone induces uncontrollable laughter during a school show.

*Inspector Gadget - Dr. Claw accidentally gasses himself at the end of an episode.

*Inspector Gadget -Gadget accidentally gasses some cops

*Inspector Gadget - Gadget, Brain and a bar full of guys get gassed.

Wuzzles - A disney series with half and half animals. In one episode they have a race and one of their opponents sabotages their car with laughing gas.

*Underdog - Criminal uses laughing gas to rob fort knox.

Danger Mouse - Criminal uses laughing gas on world leaders.

*Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse - episode entitled "The Case of the Laughing Gas Victims "

Tintin and the Lake of Sharks - Dubbed in English from french. Animated version of the popular Herge character. The bad guys gas Professor Calculus, the Thompson twins, and a boy and girl. They all laugh uncontrollably.

*Bailey's Comets - Hanna-Barbera series from the 1970's. A team of roller-skaters race other competitors around the world. Two guys and a woman get blasted by the cosmic laugh-a-ray and laugh hysterically.

*Bugs Bunny - Bugs is going to be used in an experiment and he gets gassed beforehand.

Hey Arnold - Helga gets gassed at the dentist.

*Smurfs - All the Smurfs including Smurfette get gassed. Later in the episode Gargamel and Azrael get gassed.

Enigma -  a Fox Family cartoon with a Super heroine Ballerina.  In one episode a villian uses laughing gas throughout the show on both men and women to turn the city into laughing idiots.

Walter Melon - guy goes around replacing heroes in different adventure scenarios. In King Kong, a maiden is being held in Kong's cave. The hero throws in a canister of knock out  gas which turns out to be laughing gas. Some gorillas are laughing and so is the maiden, who is taken out of the cave but continues to laugh through a couple of more scenes.

Fairly Odd Parents - Timmy wishes the world breathes laughing gas.

*Static Shock - superhero cartoon guest starring the Joker in episode titles "The Big Leagues where character named Ferrett is gassed.

*Samurai Pizza Cats - "Pizza Bird Delivers!" Episode 21 - a liquefied laughing gas is put in the cities water reservoir.

Betterman - tech tv japanimation series.- episode 13 - some plant causes the group to have uncontrollable laughing fits.

*The Impossibles - a character named "The Sinister Spritzer" uses "giggle gas" to subdue some guards and steal money from and  armored car.

*Captain Pugwash - 1970's British cartoon series. In one episode two of the Captain's men are fooling around with a bottle which they are convinced is a genie's bottle. Upon opening the bottle and being surrounded by a cloud  of smoke,  they realize that they hadn't, in fact, let loose a genie, but rather they released a huge cloud of laughing gas. Within moments, the two of them are helpless and hysterical.this morning i was watching an episode of the 4th season of Digimon

Digimon - 4th season episode In it, There is a scene where three Mushroomon are attacking a whole bunch of Floramon. There 1st method of attack is to throw "giggle grenades" at them. The Floramon all begin giggling and laughing, real high-pitched  and bubbly giggles.

*King Chicken gives Duckman and Cornfed Game Boys covered in a chemical that makes them laugh until they die. They're quickly driven to hysterics, but  reveal they were faking until King Chicken revealed his intentions. Then Duckman actually DOES get effected by the chemical, and touches King Chicken and infects him. Chicken fearfully runs out, and all characters are affected by the chemical.

Darkwing Duck  - As Darkwing's main weapon is a "gas gun" which is occasionally loaded with laughing gas, there are a few clips in this show.

1.  "Quiverwing Quack" - Darkwing, his sidekick, his adopted daughter and her friend fall off a building.  Darkwing wraps his cape around his gas gun and uses the current gas cartridge to inflate his cape breaking their fall.  The cape then bursts releasing the gas which turns out to be laughing gas and gasses all of them.
*2.  "Days of Blunder" - Darkwing and some other guy are tricked by Quackerjack into trading jobs.  The other guy acquires the gas gun and uses it on Quackerjack.  It turns out to be laughing gas.  Quackerjack after affected states that he "loves this stuff" while laughing. 
*3.  "That Sinking Feeling" - Darkwing uses the gas gun which is loaded with laughing gas on a mole with a rocket launcher.  He is told by his daughter that that wasn't the best idea to shoot a madman with laughing gas as the mole begins to laugh as shoot missiles everywhere.

Oggy and the Cockroaches - show about a cat and 3 cockroaches who torment each other. There is an episode entitled "Laughing Gas" in which a laughing powder is used throughout the episode.

Smurfs - All the Smurfs including Smurfette get gassed. Later in the episode Gargamel and Azrael get gassed.

Final Fantasy Unlimited (anime series loosely based on the Final Fantasy games),  In episode 3 "Fruit: the Town of Sweet Scent", the villainess Herba sprays young Yu Hayakawa and young woman Lisa Pacifist with a pollen that causes thm to laugh for about 10 seconds.

*Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
The Grim Reaper is given Laughing Gas and ends up pronounced ALIVE.

Sealab 2021 - an episode where Captain Murphy hires fung shue expert who advises him to add nitrogen tanks to the air system. The Sealab scientists are gathered together, and all of them start laughing from anoxia.

The Phantom Tollbooth - a character opens abottle of laughter causing the heroes to begin laughing,

Code Lyko - episode "Laughing Fit" - Teens at a bording school fight evil through virtual reality. In this episode, the female science teacher demonstrates laughing gas on herself. later, an evil gaseous entity takes the form of the gas, infecting people it comes contact with.

Lupin III Dragon of Doom - In this OVA from the Lupin series,Lupin and his gang are trapped in a room filled with a kind of gas that makes people turn crazy and laugh hysterically as they attack each other. Fujiko succumbs to the gas and laughs herself silly as she tries to clobber Lupin, until the hero saves her and the gang.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - episode "Knock 'em Dead Rapheal", in which Raphael tries his hand at being a stand up comic.  He gets captured by crooks who take him back their hideout.  A scientist there made a machine called the gagnomaginifier which makes jokes funnier.  He plans on filling the soundwaves with Raph's jokes, making the city fall helpless in laughter while the crooks rob the city.



Afternoon Delights - 1970's Italian adult video with a wealthy woman going to the dentist, being gassed and fondled by the nurse.

Courtney DDS - another custom video involving a cute busty blond who goes to the dentist and gets high and giggly on gas. Not as yet available to the public. Clips were aired in the Zone.

Dementia - Daphne Franks has lost her mind to demon sex and is giggling to herself at the end of the video.

Doctors Adventures: http://www.doctoradventures.com/

Diagnostic Detention - two girls are injected with laughing serum while being tickled.

Domination Nation 2 - Christy Canyon porno with a sci-fi plot. While having sex..Christy gets gassed by her enemies.

Gretta Gets it - hot custom vid done by sexy goth queen Mistress Persephone. A female cop responds to a complaint about Mistress Persephone. The Mistress decides to deal with the cop in her own special way..plenty of gassing, tickling and fondling.

Laughin Michelle - a leg/nylon fetish video where a model gets a package with laughing gas.  She opens it and gets sprayed.

Mad Doctor and his Gas - 1970's bondage video about 8 minutes long. Nurse gets bound and gassed while fondled.

Naughty Nurse - Baroness Bijou is a doctor who gasses her nurse with nitrous, reducing her to helpless giggles while she has her way with the nurse. You can purchase the clip from: http://www.baroness-bijou.com/

Nitrous Nightmare - this was custom film done by the ultra hot fetish queen Darla Crane. Darla plays a private eye on a case and ends up getting captured gassed, tickled and fondled by an evil villainess. This vid is currently in the owner's possession and is not available to the public at this time.

Tickle Horror - Pornstar Leanna is being tickled, and periodically given laughing gas. You can purchase the clip from: http://www.ticklehorror.com/

Tickling PHD Tickling vid - Calstar tickling video with Pornstar Anna Amore saying laughing gas when a doctor mentions it before tickling her.

Torn - pornstar Stacy Valentine is a patient who gasses herself in a dentist's office. Later, pornstar Rayveness comes as a nurse asking what's going on. She tests the gas, but gets stoned and the two girls make out.

The Asylum - another custom video..this one performed by hot adult stars Donita Dunes and Shay Sites..who play nurse and patient respectively and take turns gassing, fondling and trickling one another in a hospital for the criminally insane.

The Guest Speaker - Russian redhead, Katarina Nikkita, is a criminologist who is giving a lecture. Her podium is spiked with a laughing gas tank, causing her to laugh, dance around, strip and fondle herself onstage.




Avengers #317 - Starfox uses his "love touch" to overload the pleasure center of the villainess Nebula and her henchmen, making them all drunk with pleasure. Available in the Absolute JLA/Avengers book

Batman #260 - The Joker uses a laughing drug on some guards and then Batman.

Batman #400 - While making an escape, the Joker gasses the Penguin and the Mad Hatter.

Batman vs the Hulk - DC / Marvel 1970's crossover, a lab is filled with laughing gas by the Joker, sending all the scientists (male and female) into hysterics.

Blackhawk #136 - enemy soldiers are gassed with laughing gas.

Carnal Comics: Torn - comic adaption of the XXX movie. Female patient and female nurse get high on laughing gas.

Catwoman #65 - DC Comics 1990's series, Catwoman gets hit by one of the Joker's darts which makes her laugh hysterically for several panels.

DC Comics Presents #41 - The Joker slips laughing serum into the punch bowl at a an auction, causing everyone to laugh hysterically.

Defexx #5 - a mutant uses his passive emotion powers to make a female secretary and male security guard laugh hysterically.

Detective #332 - The Joker uses laughing gas on Batman and Robin.

Detective Comics #504 - The Joker gasses a museum full of visitors.

*Dirty Duck - Cartoon appearing in playboy as a random strip, where the title character pretends to be a dentist and gasses one of his female friends.

Freak Brothers #1 - a male vice cop stumbles on an inflatable matress full of laughing gas and ends up getting high.

Honey Hooker - Penthouse comic strip August 1981, Honey needs her appendics out. They rush her to the hospital and she gets all doped up on gas and drugs. Her female companions learn the hospital makes a mistake and schedules her for a breast reduction. They rescue her by interupting the surgury with sex. Two of the girls
take hits of the Nitrous tank.

The Joker #4 - Green arrow falls victim to the Joker's laughing gas.

JSA vs The Avengers - unreleased 1983 comic. Starflox uses his love touch on Zatanna, overloading her pleasure center.

Judge Dredd - The  Stupid Gun! The Stupid Gun is a laser pistol that can completely wipe clean the brain, reducing anyone into a babylike mental state, dumb,drooling n happy. Two criminals steal it and have some fun.

Lois Lane #50 - Lois gets some laughing gas at the dentist.

Metal Men #6 - DC comic 1960's series, the Metal Men including the female Metal Man Tina are laughing hysterically on the cover and several inside panels from a Laughing Gas attack.

Metal Men #24 - 1960's series, A bank robber usses laughing gas on a crowd and then the Metal Men.

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #68 - backup story with a quirky superhero called the Prankster who uses, among other things, laughing gas to fight crime.

She Hulk - volume 3, issue 5, a minitiarized Mandrill uses his pheremone powers to overwhelma female security guard.

Space Ace - 1950's sci-fi comic series. An alien villaness named Flor is gassed by the hero.

Strange Tales #117 - The Human Torch is gassed by a villian.

Super friends #21 - someone impersonating Batgirl is gassed with a laughing gas bomb by Robin.

Superman #64 - The Prankster uses laughing gas on a crowd.

Superman Hostess Ad - 1970's/1980's Hostess fruit pie ad. Robbers use laughing gas on a crowd of people.

Whiz Comics #57 - Silver Age comic, Doctor Savannah uses laughing gas on Captain Marvel.




No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.´s Way - In this video game your a female secret agent. One of your many weapons
are laughing gas grenades. This game is a high end player game and we have not had a chance to try it out. If anyone does, let
us know what its like.

*Labyrinth - transcript of the official movie novelizaation - one scene in the novel that wasn't in the movie where Sarah (Jennifer Connelly's character) wanders into a portion of a forest where everything, including the trees, flowers, and animals, are laughing hysterically, and Sarah quickly dissolves into hysterics as well until she's rescued.

*Stupid-Invaders - videogame where you have to complete a mission by fill an entire room with laughing-gas.

*Harry Potter - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and a new character, Luna, are running from Death Eaters, servants of Lord Voldemort. At one point, the group gets split up, and when Harry, Hermione, and Neville find the others, they find that Ron has been affected by some sort of laughing spell and he is finding everything around  him to be funny, and is giggling at things for quite some time.